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Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research & development, production and marketing of cryogenic metal treatment, which was mainly used in cryogenic metal processing, low temperature assembling,medical industry and constructional engineering, etc.


We always pride in our design. Using the latest technology of liquid nitrogen dispersion, temperature controlling, precooling and heating, we make the working temperature more uniform and stable when processing. And it also can save liquid nitrogen usage and work more efficiently and meet environmental concerns. Our head office is based in Jiangsu province and have branch company in Beijing for marketing. The chairman Mr. Zhang who is one of the pioneers of liquid nitrogen refrigeration equipment practicing and developing in China, has more than 30 years of working experience in the industry.


Our products include cryogenic treating chamber, well-type treatment, cabinet freezer and on-line treatment, dimension(length) range from 1 meter to 20 meters. There are horizontal, vertical, square and circle outer shape available. Besides it, we also supply customize service. As so far, we have offered high quality services for more than 1000 customers in fields of auto parts, bearing manufacture, milling cutter processing, high speed steel and alloy material processing, etc, gaining the user’s high appraisement.


Our Ethos


Cryogenic company is developing cooperation and collaboration with foreign companies. We have many clients in North America, Europe and Southeast Asian countries. International trade has made us quality conscious, while our cornerstone has always been cooperation, mutual prosperity, solid integrity and technology.