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Coleen is a watercolor, acrylic, and photographic artist.  She has been in several Art Shows, galleries and gift shops.  Much of her work is “Spirit” inspired, especially her Fairy pictures.

Having been blessed to grow up with a camp on a lake with lots of woods around, Coleen connected with the Earth Spirits & Fairy Realm at an early age.  It is still one of her most favorite Realms to work with and one of the most popular Classes she teaches. 

Prints and some originals are available for purchase.

*Examples of Coleen's artwork are shown throughout this site.  All images are property of the artist and may not be reproduced.

As an author, Coleen has written a children’s book, “Scotty Mouse Tells How to Get Rid of Nightmares”.  She was selected as one of the featured new authors at a Colgate University Bookstore book signing event.  

She is currently working on a autobiography.

Books are available for purchase upon request.