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Coleen is a natural spiritual intuitive who has been able to receive messages from Spirit since she was a small child.  As an adult, after a profound near death experience, which seemed to increase all of her psychic abilities, she began doing spiritual readings for the public.  She believes that love is always stronger than fear.  She has also taken many classes to perfect her skills.

In Coleen's readings she uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities to pass on messages directly from Spirit; for example, messages from Spirit Guides, loved ones who have crossed over, Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies & Nature Spirits, and Animal Spirits.  She regularly schedules Spiritual Readings, Meditation Classes, Book Signings and Readings, and Reiki Classes and Treatments.  Long distance phone readings and healings are also available. 

Coleen has been interviewed for several newspapers, been on television and also radio shows.  She also does Gallery type shows in Theatres, such as the Palace Theatre in Syracuse, and other venues where she gives lectures and does readings for people in the audience. 

Coleen is also a watercolor, acrylic & photographic artist.  She has been in several Art Shows, galleries & gift shops.  Much of her work is "Spirit" inspired, especially her Fairy pictures.  Prints and some originals are available for sale.  Some of her work is displayed throughout this website.

As an author, Coleen has written a children's book, "Scotty Mouse Tells How to Get Rid of Nightmares".  She was selected as one of the featured new authors at a Colgate University Bookstore book signing event.  Books are available for purchase upon request.  She is presently working on a autobiography.

Please call for an appointment and enjoy the Spirit connection experience!  Your Spirit friends are waiting for you to connect!

Phone:  315-437-7433 

E-mail: ColeenSh3@yahoo.com